Adventure Countdown: 1 Day

One day…. say what?!

The last 11 days since I wrote an “adventure countdown” post have completely flown by! I turned in my last undergraduate assignments, walked across the stage and received my diploma! I can’t believe I’m finally a college graduate. It feels a little weird to be able to say that. All the graduation craziness and moving out of my apartment has kept me super busy and now I’m only one day away from embarking on our European backpacking trip. What?! Departure day has really snuck up on me and now I find my to-do list slowing increasing as the hours before we leave quickly decreasing. Nonetheless, it will all get done because, well, it has to!

Adventure Countdown: 1 Day

If you’re just now joining me on this adventure I’ll fill you in on some of our trip details. We will be traveling through the Netherlands, Belgium (Brussels, Bruges, Ghent, Antwerp), France (Paris, Lyon), Spain (Barcelona, Madrid, Zaragoza, Seville, Córdoba), and the lovely London. If you have suggestions on things we can’t miss in any of the cities we’re traveling to, leave a comment below! We (and by we I mean my boyfriend and I) will be traveling with nothing more than a 45 liter backpack strapped to our backs. There’s really no other option than to pack light but that’s kind of the point!

I will be blogging along the way, but I’m not taking a laptop or tablet so everything will be through my phone. I’ve never solely blogged through my phone (writing posts) so it’ll be interesting but I’ll make it work. For tons of photos and more frequent updates during our adventure follow me on Instagram and TwitterTo receive e-mail updates for new posts, you can subscribe to Travel Far, Eat Well on the right sidebar.

Do you have any last minute tips before we embark on our adventure? Any suggestions for must-see places in the countries we’re visiting? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!