Amorino – The Best Gelato in Madrid

Food Friday: Amorino - The Best Gelato in Madrid

One thing I will never skip out on while traveling around Europe is the gelato. Gelato everyday? Gelato multiple times in one day? Don’t mind if I do! I can always find room in my budget for a little more gelato. I think it’s one thing I refuse to skimp on because gelato isn’t as abundant in the U.S. as it is in Europe so I like to get my fair share before I go home. During my travels through Europe, I tried a lot of different gelato places but my all time favorite is Amorino.

There are two different locations in Madrid, one near Puerta del Sol and one on the 9th floor of El Corte Inglés at the Callao metro stop (bonus: this location offers beautiful views of Madrid). There are also other Amorino locations in different cities throughout Europe and in New York City.

Food Friday: Amorino - The Best Gelato in Madrid

Now, I’ll be completely honest with you, Amorino is not the cheapest gelato you will find. I thought it was a little on the pricey side when it comes to gelato but it’s definitely worth trying at least once because it’s so good. Plus, if you get your gelato in a cone they shape the gelato to be a flower which is really cool! All the flavors I tried were delicious and super flavorful but definitely sample a few flavors first to figure out what you want before you choose.

Amorino aka the Best Gelato in Madrid   Amorino aka the Best Gelato in Madrid

If you’re in Madrid or traveling through Europe and you love gelato then don’t miss out on Amorino! It’s seriously the best gelato I’ve had and you can mix several different flavors. I can’t wait to be back in Madrid so I can sit at the top of El Corte Inglés admiring the city while I eat my favorite gelato.

Have you ever tried Amorino Gelato? Did you like it? I would love to hear what you think – leave your thoughts in the comments below!