Does your springtime bucket list include a flower festival? Just a short drive from KC, the Topeka Tulips are vibrant, plentiful, and well worth a visit.

Topeka Tulips: Strolling Amid an Explosion of Color

Each year spring arrives bringing with it warmer weather, plentiful rain showers, and eventually budding flowers. After months of cold weather and darkness, it’s always refreshing when the temperatures begin to rise and the world starts to become a bit more colorful. One of the highlights of my European adventure last year was traveling to […]

When your daily routine starts to feel monotonous, mix it up and plan a quick getaway. That's what I did when I booked a last-minute trip to Chicago.

Last-Minute Trip to Chicago: Share Your Best Insider Tips

For me, I’ve always been a planner. I love details. I love research. I love fitting the pieces together to form a plan or find the best deal. I love to find solutions and planning a trip always presents some of my favorite questions to answer. Destination, transportation, accommodation, what to see, all important questions […]

Travel Plans for 2016

Travel Plans for 2016 and New Changes on Travel Far, Eat Well

One year ending and another year beginning always brings feelings of reflection and anticipation. Thinking back upon the past year and reflecting on all that you accomplished (or didn’t accomplish). In my case, I spent a lot of time thinking about all the places I traveled to over the past year and all the new […]


Kansas City’s Ethnic Enrichment Festival

One of the things I love the most about traveling is tasting the unique cuisine from different countries and regions around the world. The Ethnic Enrichment Festival held annually in Kansas City has been my escape to experience a small part of many of the countries I’m longing to explore. The Ethnic Enrichment Festival is one of the […]

Devil's Den Lake

Best of the Midwest: Devil’s Den State Park

Devil’s Den State Park is very similar to Natural Falls State Park except that there are many more hiking trails and they are much longer. My favorite time to visit Devil’s Den is during the Fall when all the leaves are changing because the Ozarks are simply stunning during that time of year. Devil’s Den State […]

petting lion cub

Best of the Midwest: Wilderness Drive-Through Safari

In honor of the first Sunday of April also being Easter, I thought this would be the perfect time to showcase a family friendly activity in Northwest Arkansas. The Wild Wilderness Drive-Through Safari located in Gentry, Arkansas is the perfect way to spend an afternoon seeing all the exotic animals inside the park. The park […]

Buffalo River

Best of the Midwest: Buffalo National River

The Buffalo National River is one of Arkansas’s largest draws.  Northern Arkansas’s Buffalo National River was the first national river in the U.S. and is roughly 150 miles long. The Buffalo River is home to numerous breathtaking geologic marvels hidden within the thousands of acres along and surrounding the river. Natural springs, waterfalls, caves, towering bluffs and […]


Best of the Midwest: Hemmed-In Hollow

The tallest waterfall between the Rocky and Appalachian Mountains. Nestled in the heart of the Ponca Wilderness Area of the Buffalo National River in northern Arkansas lies the tallest waterfall between the Rocky and Appalachian Mountains. The waterfall is 209 feet tall and is situated in Hemmed-In Hollow, a small valley enclosed on three sides by […]